Hey, it's Lynsey!

Social Media Content Coach

I empower high-achieving, ambitious female entrepreneurs to live unapologetically and show up as their most authentic selves online through confident content that converts!


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what i do

I will help you stop stressing about what to post on social media and start creating confident content that is actually going to convert your audience into customers and clients!

By teaching you the basics of social media, how to target your ideal audience, and how to create content you can be proud of; together we'll tackle the fear and doubt, the confusion, and create healthy happy boundaries with social media so you can harness the full potential of this online space!

but don't just take my word for it...

Andrea Drici from


"Fantastic call tonight! Lynsey - I took what you said about mindset as well as the tip from a previous call to search for templates on Canva home page and I created and scheduled my fastest post ever. Less than 10 minutes instead of 2 hours! Thank you so much, I feel like we could continue having these calles all year and I'd still continue to learn valuable knowledge from you."

meet lynsey

Social Media Content Coach, podcast host, boy mom, Jesus lover, and corporate 9-5er! I'm an extroverted introvert who loves to read, hang out with my family, and talk all things Gilmore Girls!

My passion is to empower female entrepreneurs (like YOU) to live unapologetically and to show up as their most authentic self online by teaching them how to level up their social media strategy to attract and convert the right clients.

Girl, I've 'been there/done that' when it comes to running a business online! I've had a blog, been a micro-influencer (with over 5k followers until I decided to burn the ship and start over!), got into affiliate marketing, network marketing, sold my own essential oil blends, digital courses, and so much more!

I've tried all the side-hustles and have bought more than enough products/services online. From being in the driver's seat to being the consumer, I've learned a thing or two along my journey!

get to know me in all the places!

As a Social Media Coach, I have them all!

But I will tell you... I'm most active and provide the most value on Instagram and inside my Facebook groups!



My favorite platform to hang out and share all the things! Here and basically everywhere else, you can find me as @heyitslynsey


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